2011 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication

Session Preparation

  • Papers: Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes (15-20 slides) plus 5 minutes of discussion.
  • Posters: Please prepare maximum 1-2 slides (3 Minutes) to present your poster to the auditorium in advance.
  • Special Session Contributions: Presentations will be strictly limited to 10 minutes (3-4 slides)

Plug-fest – Program

The Plug-fest will take place at the Faculty of Informatics in the Rechnerhalle.

Day 0 – Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Start TimeEnd TimeTopic
13:0017:00Plug-fest Registration, Setup, Open Testing

Day 1 – Monday, September 12th, 2011

Start TimeEnd TimeTopic
8:009:00Plug-fest Registration, Setup, Open Testing, Onsite Breakfast
9:0012:00Test Session 1 (Sync, BMCA)
13:0015:00Test Session 2 (Transients, Impairments)
15:0015:15Coffee Break
15:1516:00Test Session 2 (Transients, Impairments)
16:0018:00Open Testing

Day 2 – Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Start TimeEnd TimeTopic
8:009:00Breakfast, Open Testing
9:0010:15Test Session 3 (Power and Telecom Profiles)
10:1510:30Coffee Break
10:3012:00Test Session 3 (Power and Telecom Profiles)
13:0015:00Test Session 4 (Experimental technologies)
14:3015:00Coffee Break
15:0017:00Open Conference Viewing
17:0018:00Plug-fest Teardown

Symposium – Program

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Day 1 – Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

9:00Opening SessionChair: Kang Lee and Alois Knoll
 Conference Co-Chairs RemarksKang Lee
 Welcome Address of TU MunichAlois Knoll
 Program Co-Chairs remarksRadim Bartos and Patrick Loschmidt
 Special Session AnnouncementJohn Eidson
9:25Keynote Session IChair: Radim Bartos
 Time Synchronization and Financial TradingPeter Lankford, Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC)
10:30Morning Coffee Break
11:00Session Applications & Requirement InvestigationsChair: Doug Arnold
 Applying IEEE 1588 to Packet Radio TrilaterationJohn D. MacKay; Gregory Hall; Ron Murdock
 Timing and Synchronization for Near-Real-Time Systems using IEEE 1588v2 over EthernetMarc Cohn
 Towards High Accuracy in IEEE 802.11 based Clock Synchronization using PTPAneeq Mahmood; Henning Trsek; Georg Gaderer; Stefan Schwalowsky; Nikolaus Kerö
12:15Lunch Break
13:15Session Design, Usage and Research Concerning PTPChair: George Shaton
 Compensation of Asymmetrical Latency for Ethernet Clock SynchronizationNatasa Simanic; Reinhard Exel; Patrick Loschmidt; Thomas Bigler; Nikolaus Kerö
 White Rabbit: a PTP Application for Robust Sub-nanosecond SynchronizationMaciej Lipinski; Tomasz Wlostowski; Javier Serrano
 Dual and Hybrid PTP modulesDinh Thai Bui; Michel Le Pallec
14:30Sponsor TalksChair: Hans Weibel, John Eidson
 MeinbergHeiko Gerstung
 SymmetricomPaul Skoog
 RuggedComRichard Harada
15:00Afternoon Coffee Break
15:25Special SessionChair: John Eidson
 White Rabbit PTP profileMaciej Lipinski
 IEEE1588 aware SFPAmin Abdul
 IEEE1588 interworkingAnthony Magee
 IEEE1588 Profiles for TelekomMichel Ouellette
 IEEE1588 Profile for ODVA and Industrial AutomationKen Harris
 The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)Lloyd Green
 Security and related work at TicTocKaren O'Donoghue
 Challenges in Precision Time of Day Transfer using IEEE-1588Joe White
 Redundancy Topics for Further StandardizationKarl Weber, Hans Doran
 Synergies between 1588 and 802.1asMichael D. Johas Teener
17:30Welcome Reception (drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served)

Day 2 – Thursday, September 15th, 2011

9:00Keynote Session IIChair: Patrick Loschmidt
 Synchronization Systems in Particle AcceleratorsJavier Serrano, CERN
10:00Morning Coffee Break
10:20Session SecurityChair: Radim Bartos
 Time Synchronization Security using IPsec and MACsecTal Mizrahi
 Validation and Verification of IEEE 1588 Annex KBernd Hirschler; Albert Treytl
11:10Sponsor TalksChair: Hans Weibel
 IXXATNorbert Binder
 ConemtechOla Andersson
 HirschmannAndreas Dreher
 OscilloquarzMario Crescenti
 National InstrumentsDavid Nosbusch
12:00Poster SessionChair: Patrick Loschmidt
12:20Lunch Break
13:20Session Design and Performance IssuesChair: George Shaton
 High-precision UWB-based timestampingAlessandra Flammini; Chiara Maria De Dominicis; Stefano Rinaldi; Emiliano Sisinni; Alessandro Cazzorla; Antonio Moschitta; Paolo Carbone
 Characterizing Grandmaster, Transparent, and Boundary Clocks with a Precision Packet Probe and Packet MetricsLee D Cosart
 Transparent Clocks vs. Enterprise Ethernet SwitchesRyan Zarick; Mikkel Hagen; Radim Bartos
 Time Distribution in IPV6 Wireless Sensor NetworksPaolo Ferrari; Alessandra Flammini; Stefano Rinaldi; Emiliano Sisinni
15:00Afternoon Coffee Break
15:20Session ApplicationsChair: Georg Gaderer
 Time Synchronization Performance of Desktop ComputersMarkus Laner; Sebastian Caban; Philipp Svoboda; Markus Rupp
 An isochronous medium access for real-time wireless communications in industrial automation systems – A use case for wireless clock synchronizationHenning Trsek
 Synchronizing the Linux System Time to a PTP Hardware ClockRichard Cochran
 Temporal Synchronization in Multi-Sensor Fusion for Future Driver Assistance SystemsAntje Westenberger
17:00Plugfest reportChair: Doug Arnold, Jon Beckwith, Heiko Gerstung, Ken Harris, Ralf Knuth
19:00Evening Dinner at Augustiner Wirtschaft

Day 3 – Friday, September 16th, 2011

9:00Session Control AspectsChair: Anetta Nagy
 A Clock State Estimator for PTP Time Synchronization in Harsh Environmental ConditionsDaniele Fontanelli; David Macii; Philipp Wolfrum; Dragan Obradovic; Guenter Steindl
 Simulations of a Chain of Telecom Boundary Clocks combined with Synchronous Ethernet for Phase/Time TransferMichel Ouellette; Geoffrey M. Garner; Sebastien Jobert
 A Packet Filtering Mechanism with a Packet Delay Distribution Estimation Function for IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization in a Congested NetworkTakahide Murakami; Yukio Horiuchi; Kohsuke Nishimura
 Robustness to SYNC packets loss in network synchronizationGiada Giorgi; Claudio Narduzzi
10:40Morning Coffee Break
11:00Session Performance and TestingChair: John Mackay
 Distributed IEC 61499 Material Handling Control based on Time Synchronization with IEEE 1588Cheng Pang; Jeffrey Yan; Valeriy Vyatkin; Steven Jennings
 A 1588 Performance Testing Dashboard for Power Industry RequirementsJulien Amelot; Ya-Shian Li-Baboud; Clément Vasseur; Jeffrey Fletcher; Dhananjay Anand; James Moyne
11:50Closing SessionChair: Kang Lee and Alois Knoll
 Conference Chair RemarksKang Lee and Alois Knoll
 Program Co-Chair RemarksRadim Bartos and Patrick Loschmidt
12:20Lunch Break
 Attosecond Laboratory
 Super computing Laboratory
16:00End of Conference