Poster Presentation

Information for Authors

If you agree to present your paper in poster form, please follow the steps below:

  • Authors must register for the conference and send an email to containing
    • the wish to present your paper,
    • your paper-id,
    • the title of the paper,
    • a short abstract (300-words or less) describing your poster for the proceedings,
    • and the presenter of the poster.
  • Please prepare your poster with the maximum dimensions of 36" wide X 48" high (portrait).
    The Symposium will provide the poster board.
  • At the conference you are requested to place your poster in the poster area. Posters are planned to remain there until the end of the conference to allow attendees to take a look during the lunches, and coffee breaks.
    You will be responsible for mounting your poster on the poster boards latest prior to the beginning of the poster sessions (see schedule).
  • Authors are requested to be available at the poster during the poster session to answer questions.

Style guidelines

doc Poster Abstract template in MS-Word format

Posters scheduled for presentations

Background IEEE 1588 Clock Synchronization over IEEE 802.3/Ethernet
Christof Kutschera, Christoph Veigl, Roland Höller, Peter Rössler, Nikolaus Kerö,
Christoph Weiss, Andreas Gröblinger, Hannes Muhr, Gerhard Cadek

A MAC supports the IEEE 1588 Packet Encryption
Lung-Chih Kuo, Chi-Chun Chen

A Method of PDV Estimation Employing Probing Packet for Improving Synchronization Accuracy in IEEE 1588
Takahide Murakami, Yukio Horiuchi

Synchronization on Commodity Hardware
Jad Naous, Sara Bolouki, Peter Pawlowski, Nick McKeown

A Synchronization Solution for an Indoor Base Station
Stefan Blixt

Time Synchronization and Security in Electric Substation Automation
Otmar Goerlitz, Carlos Anastasiades, Jean-Charles Tournier

Using IEEE 1588 for Synchronizing Equipment Over Wide Area Networks to Provide Legacy Timing Signals
Daniel Bolt