Message from the General Co-Chairs

Welcome to Austin, Texas and the 2014 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control, and Communication (ISPCS).

We are proud that what started as an IEEE 1588 workshop held at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 2003 has evolved into a prominent IEEE conference, dedicated to all aspects of precise clock synchronization of computer networks. Subsequent events held annually were hosted in Vienna/Austria, Ann Arbor/Michigan, Brescia/Italy, Portsmouth/New Hampshire, Munich/Germany, San Francisco/California, and Lemgo/Germany, respectively. We are especially excited to bring the 8th ISPCS conference to Austin, Texas. Austin, originally named Waterloo, was established as the capital of Texas in 1839. Since then, the population of the Greater Austin area has grown from 839 to over 1.9 million. In recent years, Austin has consistently appeared at the top of numerous Best Of lists. From being one of the best cities to start a business, a top city for tech start-ups, and one of the best towns for craft beer, Austin has something for everyone. Its no wonder that in 2012, Forbes ranked Austin as the fastest growing city in the US. With greater than a third of jobs tech related and over one quarter of the economy driven by the tech sector, Austin is considered the technology hub of Texas.

The ISPCS is an outstanding opportunity for attendees to hear about the latest topics, learn about state-of-the-art advancements, and see the current solutions in the area of precise clock synchronization. Additionally, the ISPCS Plugfest gives product developers and researchers the opportunity to perform interoperability testing of diverse hardware and software implementations of the IEEE 1588 standard. This year, we also have a special session focusing on IEEE 1588 New Revision. It is very exciting, as we can use this occasion to introduce important requirements to the new version of the standard from the latest development in industry.

We expect that the work on the IEEE 1588 standard will continue as industry is continuously trying to push the limits of technology. Current deployments of IEEE 1588 within the area of automation and controls, energy distribution systems (smart grids), and telecommunications ensure that the 1588-based technology has a prominent role in governing proper operations of these systems. New opportunities, such as profiles developed for power and sensor networks, and standards like IEEE 802.1 TSN for audio-video and control, sustain further development of the IEEE 1588 standard.

As we have seen with the long-standing history of the ISPCS events, these symposia have always included a number of excellent topics, papers, poster sessions, and keynote speeches. Once again, this year, ISPCS 2014 features an exceptional program, composed of keynotes and presentations delivered by the leaders from industry and academia. We look forward to an excellent conference that gathers us together: researchers, engineers, and users from around the world, presenting their results and development of systems and networks incorporating principles of synchronized clocks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following individuals:

  • Program Co-Chairs Radim Bartos, Lee Cosart, and Sebastian Schriegel and the Program Committee for putting together an impressive program of well-coordinated technical sessions,
  • Plugfest Co-Chairs Doug Arnold, Heiko Gerstung, Ken Harris, and Jeff Laird for organizing a very successful Plugfest, where more than 30 organizations work together to test the interoperability of their IEEE 1588-based hardware and software products,
  • Promotional Partners Chair Hans Weibel for his outstanding work in obtaining the sponsorship of ten companies and organizations, and
  • Rick Ratzel, Alejandro Zepeda, Courtney Speck, and the Local Organizing Committee for taking care of the local arrangements and working hard to ensure your comfortable stay in Austin during the conference and Plugfest.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all of you for attending the conference and participating in the Plugfest. Please have a fruitful conference and enjoy your stay in the vibrant city of Austin.

Rodney Greenstreet and Kang Lee
ISPCS 2014 General Co-Chairs

Message from the Technical Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Program Committee, we are pleased to welcome you to ISPCS 2014, the eighth IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement Control and Communication. Following the tradition to alternate meetings between Europe and America, this years symposium is hosted in Austin, Texas, US.

This year there are two keynote presentations. The first keynote will be given by Dr. James Truchard, CEO of National Instruments. He will give a presentation entitled "How Time Is Revolutionizing Measurement and Control" drawing from his deep expertise in the field of test and measurement. The second keynote will be given by Dr. Han Li, Deputy Director of the China Mobile Research Institute. His presentation, "IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization Deployment for Mobile Backhaul in China Mobile", describes their large IEEE 1588 telecom deployment in China.

The symposiums call for papers resulted in high quality submissions coming from all over the world. Just like the submissions, the members of the program committee formed a geographically diverse group representing both academia and industry. After careful deliberation, the program committee selected 21 papers to be presented at the conference as full papers.

Welcome to ISPCS 2014 and thank you for your attendance and contributions!

Radim Bartos, Lee Cosart, and Sebastian Schriegel
ISPCS 2014 Program Committee Co-Chairs