cables The plug-fest is an opportunity to test and demonstrate device and system interoperability and to resolve compatibility issues. Implementers are invited and encouraged to cooperate with others to demonstrate system-wide clock synchronization and operation of protocols across as wide a spectrum of devices as possible.


Prospective participants in the plug-fest should submit a letter of intent to participate and an abstract of one page or less describing the devices or applications and indicate the technical issues illustrated by the submission. Please note, that each plug-fest participant also has to register for the main conference. Please have a look at the important dates for the registration deadline!
Please send this letter of intent to [email closed after conference]


Participants in the plug-fest will hold one or more phone meetings to determine plug-fest and demonstration criteria prior to the event. Registered participants will be informed by the plug-fest chair(s).

Please send all requests concerning the organisation of the plug-fest to [email closed after conference]

Downloads and Forms

Transfer of Equipment

Transfer to the Symposium

  1. The equipment should be sent to our office:

    Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Forschungsstelle für Integrierte Sensorsysteme Contact person: Mrs. Sabine Bieringer (Tel. ++43-2622-23420-10)
    Street: Viktor Kaplan Straße 2
    Zip-Code: A-2700
    Town: Wiener Neustadt
    Country: AUSTRIA
  2. we will then transport the equipment to the Academy
  3. and after the ISPCS will bring it to our office.
  4. parcel service can picke up the packets at our office

Transfer from the Symposium

  1. Your people must pack all the stuff up at the close of the plugfest so that it is ready to be picked up by UPS or whomever.
  2. The box should have ALL necessary customs, shipping carrier labels, prepaid forms etc completely filled out and attached.
  3. The box and the forms will be taken to the Wiener Neustadt site after the plugfest by the local hosts.
  4. On Oct 10 the local hosts will arrange for UPS, FedEX etc to pick up the box and forms but this is all they will do- hence the requirement that your people make sure all the forms are complete and attached to the box.