Clock Synchronization Security Group

Security is an important topic to many applications and therefore also for enabling services such as clock synchronization.

This group is dedicated to introduce, enhance and push-forward security aspects in clock synchronization. A special focus is set on IEEE 1588 security extension that is introduced with version 2 of this standard. This homepage should offer a first introduction and a forum to discuss and work together in an informal environment for the above mentioned objectives.

The Clock Synchronization Security Group was initiated during Octobers ISPCS 2007 in order to continue the efforts and promote the implementation of the security extension of IEEE 1588. The group is chaired by Albert Treytl (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Ron Cohen.

You are invited to join this group. In order to join please send an email to


Albert Treytl
Center for Integrated Sensor Systems
Danube University Krems
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Ron Cohen