Welcome to the 2016 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control, and Communication (ISPCS) to be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is a great honor for Ericsson and KTH Royal Institute of Technology to introduce the 10th ISPCS conference in Sweden.

Stockholm is one of the major technical hubs in Northern Europe, with several successful startups (e.g., Spotify) and a large telecom industry. In particular, several companies, such as Ericsson, are involved in the development of IEEE 1588-based technologies (e.g. actively contributing to the new edition of the IEEE 1588 standard, see P1588 Working Group - Current Activities ).

As the most influential organization focusing on technologies of precision clock synchronization, ISPCS has chosen Sweden as its next stop because of the fast growing IEEE 1588 (also known as PTP) technologies and applications in particular in the mobile industry. The hosting of ISPCS in Stockholm will help attract more attendees from Europe and provide a good opportunity for full communication of PTP technologies and deployment experience from all over the world.

The ISPCS consists of a Plugfest and a symposium. It provides an outstanding opportunity for attendees to hear about the latest topics, learn about state-of-the-art advancements, and see current solutions in the area of precise clock synchronization.

The Plugfest provides an opportunity to test and demonstrate IEEE 1588-based device and system interoperability and to resolve compatibility issues. Implementers are invited and encouraged to cooperate with others to demonstrate system-wide clock synchronization and operation of protocols across as wide a spectrum of devices as possible. Companies are invited to present their products/prototypes in the form of an exhibition as well.

The aim of the symposium is to provide a forum in which researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government involved in precise clock synchronization using IEEE 1588 or similar techniques and protocols can exchange ideas.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is one of the most beautiful and attractive capitals in Europe. A place where nature, culture, and modernity meet in perfect harmony.

In this spirit we would like to invite you to join ISPCS 2016 for exploration and adventure in the city of Stockholm.

Stefano Ruffini and Kang Lee
ISPCS 2016 General Co-Chairs